Training Programmes for Foreign Parliamentary Officials

Training Programmes, Attachments, Study Visits, etc., for foreign parliamentary officials are intended to meet the special needs of such officials who may be sponsored to study the working of the parliamentary system and institutions in India.

These Programmes seek to provide the visiting officials an opportunity to exchange ideas in the context of their experiences in their Legislatures and to make them aware of the environment, culture, traditions and working of parliamentary institutions in India. Customized Programmes on specific parliamentary themes are also organized on request.

How to apply?

All requests for Study Visits/Attachment Programmes, etc., should be addressed to the Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, by the Clerk/Secretary-General of the Parliament concerned. The request should specify the names, designations and relevant details, including passport information of participants, professional requirements, number of days for which the Programme may be arranged, details of sponsorship, etc. The request should be sent at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance so that the Bureau can process the request and communicate the required information to the Parliament concerned.

The Bureau does not charge any fee for organizing and conducting Programmes for foreign parliamentarians and parliamentary officials, imparting training and providing relevant study material. However, all related expenditure, including airfare, lodging, boarding and local transport has to be borne either by the Parliaments concerned or by any sponsoring authority. Arrangements in respect of local transport, hotel accommodation, etc. will have to be made by the respective Parliaments through their Embassy/High Commission in New Delhi and the Bureau will not be in a position to arrange either local transport or boarding/lodging.