Programmes for Foreign Parliamentarians

Ever since its inception in 1976, the PRIDE has been proactively engaged in the field of professional training of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff and has carved out a niche for itself among the parliamentary fraternity. As such, the PRIDE receives a large number of requests from Parliaments across the world for capacity building programmes for Presiding Officers, Members of Parliament and other dignitaries. To meet such requirements, Attachment Programmes, Study Visits and special customized Programmes are organized by the Bureau on request. These Programmes of 3 to 5 daysí duration offer an opportunity to the visiting parliamentarians to have a first-hand knowledge and experience of the working of parliamentary institutions in India. Customized Programmes are designed to cater to the special demands and requirements of the visiting dignitaries and are ad hoc in nature. Short duration visits and tours sponsored by foreign Parliaments, parliamentary bodies and other funding agencies are also organized by the PRIDE.