How to apply?

The Parliamentary Internship Programme and the International Training Programme in Legislative Drafting, being conducted by the PRIDE(Erstwhile BPST) since 1985, are entirely sponsored by the Government of India. The participants at these Programmes are drawn from countries covered under the Indian Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) and the Special Commonwealth African Assistance Plan (SCAAP) funded by the Ministry of External Affairs, and the Colombo Plan, funded by the Ministry of Finance. The funding covers international airfare and expenses on boarding, lodging and local transport in India.

For all information relating to the sponsorship for the two International Programmes, prospective participants should get in touch with the Indian Embassies/High Commissions in their respective Capitals. Applications have to be submitted to the Indian Mission which will forward them to the parent Ministries in New Delhi, India, which, in turn, furnish them to the PRIDE(Erstwhile BPST). The acceptance or otherwise of the nominations will be communicated to the applicant concerned by the Indian Mission and subsequently by the PRIDE(Erstwhile BPST). Participants may not undertake journey to New Delhi to attend the Programmes unless the application is approved/accepted by the Ministries concerned and subsequently by the Bureau.

Prospective participants would bear in mind that the daily allowance available to them through the Ministries of External Affairs/Finance is modest, that hotel accommodation will also be within that range and that they cannot expect star facilities in the designated hotel(s). The participants will be treated at par, irrespective of their rank/seniority in their parent organizations. They would also like to know that the PRIDE(Erstwhile BPST) is the designated Training Institute, and for issues relating to accommodation/allowances, etc., they should contact the sponsoring Ministries.

In addition to the nominees covered under the Colombo Plan, SCAAP and ITEC, the PRIDE(Erstwhile BPST) keeps a few slots for those Parliaments which will like to sponsor their officers. Such sponsorships should meet all expenses on international travel, boarding and lodging, domestic travel, etc. In those cases too, nominations should necessarily be routed through the Indian Missions in their countries. The Bureau will decide on each case on merit, also keeping in mind the limited number of slots available.

The officers sponsored for the two International Programmes should be well versed in English, written and spoken both, and should be of sound health. Nominees for the International Training Programme in Legislative Drafting must possess a Degree in Law.