Study Visits

Apart from the regular Training Programmes, Appreciation Courses, etc., the Bureau affords facilities to officers of Central and State Governments and also to students, scholars, academics and others for short Study Visits during which the visitors are provided with the requisite orientation so that they get to know the notable aspects of the practice and procedure of parliamentary institutions.

The Study Visit consists of a briefing on the Indian political system and other related issues by an officer of the Lok Sabha Secretariat. This is followed by a visit to the Parliament House to see the proceedings of the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha, if the Parliament is in Session. If the Parliament is not in Session, then the visiting groups are taken for a show-round of the Parliament House. Such visits offer a very good opportunity to the participants to have a first-hand and direct knowledge about the working of the Indian parliamentary system and see for themselves the magnificent Parliament House consisting of the Chambers of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and the Central Hall. The visitors are also taken on a tour of the Parliament Museum.

How to apply?

Institutions seeking Study Visits through the BPST should write to the Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, requesting facilitation at least 4 weeks in advance of such visit, enclosing full details of all participants, including full name (with expanded initials), date of birth, parentsí names, local address in Delhi and permanent address. They should travel to the Parliament Complex for the Study Visit only on receipt of a confirmation from the BPST about the date/time of the visit. Participants should not carry cell phone, pager, walkman, camera or any electronic device with them while visiting the Parliament Complex.