Orientation Programmes for Parliamentarians/Legislators

A democratic polity offers equal opportunity to all its citizens to get elected to the Legislature, if he/she fulfils the criteria laid down for the purpose. It is likely that a member of Parliament or of a State Legislature elected, for the first time, may not be very familiar with the intricacies of the parliamentary law, practice and procedure. With a view to familiarizing the newly elected members with the working of the Parliament, the Bureau organizes Orientation Programmes of about a week's duration soon after the constitution of a new Lok Sabha after the General Elections.

These Orientation Programmes are aimed at promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the constitutional role and position of the Parliament as the supreme representative institution, familiarizing the members more closely with the operational mechanisms, parliamentary traditions, conventions and etiquette.

The Orientation Programmes consist of interactive discussion sessions on themes of parliamentary and procedural interest where important topics relating to parliamentary processes and procedures are deliberated. The topics generally covered in such Orientation Programmes include:" Problems faced by New Members"; "How to be an Effective Legislator?"; "Parliamentary Customs,  Conventions and Etiquette;" "Privileges of Legislatures and their Members; "Parliamentary Committees, with special reference to Departmentally Related Standing Committees”; “Financial Committees”; “Parliament Questions”; “Procedural Devices available to Members to raise Matters of Urgent Public Importance on the Floor of the House”; “Legislative Process”; “Budgetary Process”; “Amenities and Facilities available to Members”, etc. Subjects of topical interest having a direct bearing on the Parliament and its members such as economic issues; Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme: Panchayati Raj institutions, etc. are also covered in such Orientation Programmes.

During the Orientation Programmes, eminent parliamentarians, senior parliamentary officials and experts interact with the newly elected members on various aspects of the working of our parliamentary institutions. The panelists introduce the subject and then respond to queries and questions from the participants. As the discussion sessions are interactive in nature, members can freely exchange views with the Faculty who share their experiences and ideas. Scripts on topics under discussion are prepared and distributed among the participants in advance. The Bureau not only provides the necessary background material but also makes available the required secretarial, organizational and research assistance for organizing these Programmes.

The Bureau also organizes similar Orientation Programmes for newly elected members of State Legislatures in India either at New Delhi or at the Capital of the State concerned as per the request of the Legislature.