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ANSWERED ON:  02.02.2018
Outsourcing of Training by LIC
Will the Minister of

FINANCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has paid a sum of Rs. 32,38,800/- to Jaipur based trust in the name of training despite having training centres at division and area level and if so, the details thereof;

(b) the basis on which payment is being made to the said trust for the last two and half decades;

(c) the basis on which the officers/ agents were sent for training there; and

(d) whether the areas to which they belonged had no training facility and if so, the details thereof?

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance

(a): Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has informed that apart from Internal training Institutes such as Agents Training Centers (ATCs), Divisional Training Centers (DTCs), Sales Training Centers (STCs), and Zonal Training Centers (ZTCs), LIC is imparting training to their field personnels to enhance their soft skills, to train them in marketing techniques and product knowledge for better performance from External Training Institutes (ETIs) also. Jeevan Vidya Trust (JVT) Jaipur is the only empanelled ETI, which is providing training in the medium of National Language, Hindi (Rajbhasha). During the financial year 2016-17 total amount paid to 12 ETIs was Rs. 7,71,99,426.00. Out of which, LIC has paid an amount of Rs 32,38,800.00 to JVT for the tuition fees and lodging and boarding charges for the training of large number of Development Officers and Agents. This is 4.20% of the total payment made to ETIs.

(b): LIC has a system of approving ETIs and their commercials through Central Office Training Advisory Committee (COTAC) members consisting of all marketing channel heads at the start of the financial year. The COTAC is reviewing the performance of the ETIs on the basis of feedback from the participants imparted to the Field force.

(c): As per LIC guidelines about 30% of the Field Personnel are to be trained in a financial year. Therefore the criteria for eligibility provide that, those who have not under gone any training by ETIs within last two years are eligible. Development Officers and Branch Managers/Divisional Managers, Chief Managers/Zonal Managers and Club Member Agents who prefer Hindi as the medium of instructions are nominated for the training at JVT for which nominations are made by various Divisions of LIC.

(d): There are 6 Zones, Central, North Central, Northern, Eastern, East Central and Western Zones, which have totally 841696 Agents and 18509 Development Officers who are leveraging the facility of training at JVT Jaipur. Since the numbers to be trained are substantial and in-house training facilities are inadequate to cater to the training needs of Development Officers (DOs) and Agents and as such the facility of JVT is being leveraged mainly by the 6 Zones where Agents and DOs prefer Hindi as the medium of Instruction.

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