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ANSWERED ON:  30.03.2017
Sagarmala Programme
Will the Minister of

SHIPPING be pleased to state:-

(a) the implementation statusof National Perspective Plan
(NPP)of Sagarmala programme, project-wise;
(b) whether the Government has constituted various
Committees for the purpose and if so, the details
thereof along with their contribution so far;
(c) whether the Government has received any proposal from
the Government of Kerala to include some projects
Sagarmala program me and if so, the details thereof
along with the actiontaken by the Government thereon;
(d) the present status of the Coastal Economic Zones
(SEZs) proposed under Sagarmala programme;
(e) whether the Government proposes to set up new ports
under the Sagarmala programme and if so, the details
(f) whether the Ramayapatnam in Andhra Pradesh has
qualified for setting up of new port and if so, the
details thereof;and
(g) the total expenditure expected to be incurred for the
projects under Sagarmala and the manner in which
funds are likely to be arranged?


(a) The National Perspective Plan (NPP), for the comprehensive development of India’s coastline and maritime sector has been finalized. As part of Sagarmala, more than 400 projects, at an estimated investment of approximately Rs. 8 Lakh Crore (Annexure 1), have been identified in the areas of port modernization & new port development, port connectivity enhancement, port-linked industrialization and coastal community development. Projects identified under Sagarmala will be considered for implementation by relevant Central Ministries, State Governments, Major Ports and other agencies primarily through private sector participation or PPP mode. Hence, the details of the projects have been shared with the relevant Central Ministries, State Governments and other agencies towards finalization of implementation timelines and action plans. A total of 214 projects are already under various stages of implementation and development (Annexure 2).

(b) As part of the Sagarmala institutional framework, the National Sagarmala Apex Committee (NSAC) was constituted on 13thMay 2015 and 2 meetings have been held so far. NSAC has approved the National Perspective Plan (NPP) and reviews various aspects of planning & implementation of the NPP including project implementation. The Sagarmala Coordination & Steering Committee (SCSC)
- 2 -
was constituted on 8th July 2015 and 3 meetings have been held so far. The SCSC reviews the implementation progress and considering issues related to project funding / coordination. As per information received, Governments of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Puducherry and Andaman & Nicobar have constituted the State Sagarmala Committees (SSCs). Meetings of the SSCs have been held in Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Andaman& Nicobar. SSCs are providing State-level coordination and facilitating taking up of Sagarmala related projects.

(c) Ministry of Shipping has received three proposals from Government of Kerala, namely - Rail Connectivity to Vizhinjham Port, development of Azhikkal Port and multipurpose berth at Kollam, for consideration under Sagarmala. For Vizhinjham Rail Connectivity, the State Government has been advised to procure land and explore the Viability Gap Funding (VGF) route for funding the project. The Government of Kerala has been advised to carry out certain technical studies to establish the viability for the development of Phase-II of Azhikkal Port. Ministry of Shipping has requested the Government of Kerala to submit a detailed proposal. For development of multi-purpose berth at Kollam, clarifications on the Detailed Project Report (DPR) from the Government of Kerala has been sought.
(d) Fourteen (14) Coastal Economic Zones (CEZs) have been identified for development under National Perspective Plan of SagarmalaProgramme (2016-2035). The Perspective Plan for the CEZs has been finalized in consultation with relevant State Governments and Central Ministries. Based on land details received, the process for preparation of detailed Master Plans for CEZs in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat has been initiated. The other related State Governments have been requested to furnish land details.
(e)&(f):Six (6) new port locations have been identified as part of the SagarmalaProgramme, namely-Vadhavan, Enayam, Sagar Island, Paradip Outer Harbour, Sirkazhi and Belekeri. Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports have been finalized for these 6 new port locations. DPR has been prepared for the new port at Sagar Island and is under preparation for Vadhavan, Paradip Outer Harbour and Enayam. In-principle approval has been obtained on 5thJuly 2016 for setting up a major port at Enayam. As communicated by Government of Andhra Pradesh, Ramayapatnam is not yet notified as non-major port by State Government and it is located within the limits of extended exclusivity rights area of Krishnampatnam port.
(g) As part of SagarmalaProgramme (2016-2035), more than 400 projects, at an estimated investment of approximately Rs. 8 Lakh Crore have been identified. The implementation of the projects under Sagarmala is to be done by the Central Line Ministries, State Governments / Maritime Boards and SPVs preferably through the private sector and through the Public Private Participation (PPP) wherever feasible.
For the implementation of residual projects, funds will be sought in the budgets of the respective Central Ministries / Departments, State Governments which will be implementing the projects. The Ministries / State Governments / Maritime Boards shall implement such identified projects either from their own budgets or through SPVs wherein the Sagarmala Development Company Limited (SDCL) may provide equity support, as may be required and necessary.
Projects relating to port modernization & capacity enhancement in Major Ports are primarily implemented through PPP mode. Besides Internal Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR) of Major Ports are also being used for funding port related projects. Projects related to Coastal Community Development are being implemented in convergence with the schemes of Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairies and Fisheries (DADF) and Ministry of skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE).


Summary of projects under Sagarmala
Project Theme FY 15-16 FY 16-17 FY 17-18 FY 18-19 FY 19-20 to
FY 24-25 FY 25-26 to FY34-35 Total
# Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr) # Project Cost
(Rs. Cr)
Port Modernisation 62 27,700 46 22,670 13 2,193 20 35,512 27 26,588 21 28,165 189 142,828
Connectivity Enhancement 30 15,881 58 28,924 28 16,641 26 139,715 17 21,182 11 8,233 170 230,576
Port Led Industrialisation 2 325 1 3,000 2 5,000 17 94,426 11 318,130 - - 33 420,881
Coastal Community Development 4 79 4 529 3 119 4 688 8 2,800 - - 23 4,216
Total 98 43,985 109 55,123 46 23,953 67 270,341 63 368,700 32 36,398 415 798,500

Summary of projects under various stages of implementation & development
Summary of projects under implementation

S.No. Component No. of projects Cost (Rs. Cr)
1 Port Modernisation 69 31,150
2 Port Connectivity Enhancement 57 39,309
3 Port-Led Industrialisation 3 26,325
4 Coastal Community Development 3 90
Total 132 96,874

Summary of projects under development
S.No. Component No. of projects Cost (Rs. Cr)
1 Port Modernisation 40 21,828
2 Port Connectivity Enhancement 39 16,031
3 Coastal Community Development 3 516
Total 82 38,374



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