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ANSWERED ON:  29.07.2016
Sainik Schools
Will the Minister of

DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

(a) the aims and objectives of Rashtriya Military Schools and Sainik Schools;

(b) whether in 1961, the Government had decided to open Sainik Schools in all States of the country and if so, the reasons for delay in implementation of the decision;

(c) the number of proposals for setting up of Sainik Schools from various States / UTs including National Capital Territory of Delhi pending at present, State / UT-wise;

(d) whether the Government has reviewed the performance of these schools, if so, the details thereof along with the shortcomings noticed and the steps taken to address these shortcomings; and

(e) the steps taken by the Government to remove regional imbalance in the officer cadre of defence services by bringing such schools within the reach of common man?


(a) The aim and objective of Rashtriya Military Schools (RMSs) is to impart quality education and prepare the cadets to join the Defence Services. The scheme to establish Sainik Schools was introduced in 1961 with the primary aim of preparing boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy. The objectives of the scheme are:-

(i) To remove regional imbalance in the officer cadre of the defence services.

(ii) To develop qualities of body, mind and character to enable the young boys of today to become good and useful citizens of tomorrow.

(iii) To bring public school education within the reach of the common man.

(b) In the year 1961, a decision was taken to establish Sainik Schools in various parts of India. Sainik Schools are established on receipt of a specific request from the State Government, which is also required to provide infrastructure in the form of land, educational and residential buildings, games fields and other equipments. Presently, there are 25 Sainik Schools in the Country covering 21 States (Annexure-I).

(c) List of proposals received from the State / UTs for setting up of Sainik Schools is placed at Annexure-II.

(d) Review of performance of these Schools is an ongoing process which is done by Director General Military Training in case of Rashtriya Military Schools and by Inspecting Officers, Sainik Schools Society in case of Sainik Schools by way of carrying out inspections. Further, in order to improve performance, there are in-service trainings programmes for teachers, workshops / conferences for Principals and other administrative staff, special coaching for NDA entrance examination, etc.

(e) As indicated in reply to part (a), the Government has set up Sainik Schools inter-alia to remove regional imbalance in the officer cadre of Defence Services. These Sainik Schools provide quality education at an affordable price so that candidates get opportunity to be trained for joining defence services as Officers. In addition, Memorandum of Agreement has been signed or “In principle” approval has been accorded for setting up of 13 more Sainik Schools (Annexure-III).


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