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ANSWERED ON:  09.05.2016
Land Acquisition by NALCO
Will the Minister of

MINES be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the land losers at NALCO Damanjodi have not been compensated and given due benefits till date and if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor;
(b) whether the Government is aware that most of the people whose lands have been acquired are living in penury due to the inaction on the part of NALCO;
(c) if so, the details thereof and the reaction of the Government thereto; and
(d) the corrective steps taken/being taken by the Government to adequately compensate the affected people in this regard?


(a) During the period 1982 to 1984, a total of 4352.83 acres of private land has been acquired by the Government of Odisha for NALCO at Damanjodi and monetary compensation of Rs. 1.58 crore (including 30% solatium) for the land so acquired has been paid through Government of Odisha to the land losers as per the Land Acquisition Act, 1894. Besides rehabilitation and resettlement benefits were also given to the land losers as per the company’s policy.

(b), (c) & (d) As per the policy formulated by the NALCO, local displaced persons (LDP) were to be identified jointly by NALCO and district revenue authorities and then to be resettled in specifically constructed rehabilitation colony and one able bodied person from each such identified displaced family was to be offered employment, subject to his/her suitability and availability of vacancies.

As on date, out of 600 LDPs, 598 LDP families have been resettled with allotment of individual houses and 599 have got employment and the balance one person will be offered employment after finalization of nominee. The rehabilitation benefits to LDPs have also been extended to substantially affected persons (SAPs), i.e., those who have lost more than one third of his/her land. District Administration and NALCO have jointly identified 235 SAPs during March 2015. The SAPs or their nominee not eligible for offer of immediate employment, can have the option of acquiring required qualification on being sponsored for education by NALCO; or can opt 25 years of annuity commensurate with quantum of land lost; or can opt for one time cash compensation in lieu of offer of employment ranging from 2.5 lakhs to 15 lakhs based on the quantum of land acquired.


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