ANSWERED ON   23.03.2017
Upgradation/Modernization of Airport
3590 . Kateel Shri Nalin Kumar
Innocent Shri
Suresh Shri Doddaalahalli Kempegowda
Godse Shri Hemant Tukaram
Meena Shri Arjunlal
Will the Minister of CIVIL AVIATION be pleased to state:-
(a) whether the Government has taken any steps for modernization of airport terminals, passenger facilities and air traffic and navigational aids at various airports in the country and if so, the details for the last three years, year/airport-wise;<br/><br/>(b) whether the Government proposes to set up new airports in the country especially in small cities and also to increase the frequency of flights connecting major cities in the country, if so, the details thereof, State/UT-wise and the details of funds allocated, released and utilized for the purpose, Project-wise;<br/><br/>(c) whether the Government proposes to reduce the Airport User Development Fee and fuel charges to reduce the overall air fares and if so, the details thereof and the steps taken to increase the passengers strength;<br/><br/>(d) whether the Government proposes to take action on arbitrary attitude of private authorities particularly Mumbai airport authority presently under the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and if so, the details thereof;<br/><br/>(e) whether the Government proposes to connect Nashik in Maharashtra by air and if so, the details thereof; and<br/><br/>(f) the other steps taken by the Government for upgradation/modernisation of airports including Udaipur airport in the country?<br/>
Minister of State in the Ministry of CIVIL AVIATION <br/><br/>(Shri Jayant Sinha)<br/><br/>(a): Yes, Madam. The details of upgradation/modernization works undertaken at various airports belonging to Airports Authority of India (AAI) for the last three years, year/airport-wise are at Annexure-A. Further, AAI has also installed 12 Instrument Landing System (ILS), 8 Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Range (DVOR), 24 Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and 8 surveillance equipments at various airports, in addition to Air Traffic Flow Management System, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast at 21 airports, state-of-the-art automation system and IP based voice communication system at Kolkata airport.;<br/>;<br/>(b): GoI has granted "in principle" approval for setting up of the 18 Greenfield airports in the country. The list of these airport along with the estimated cost is as under: Mopa in Goa (approx. Rs. 3100 cr), Navi Mumbai (approx. Rs. 16704 cr), Shirdi (approx. Rs. 320.54 cr) and Sindhudurg (approx. Rs. 520 cr) in Maharashtra, Bijapur (approx. Rs. 150 cr), Gulbarga (approx. Rs. 13.78 cr in initial phase), Hasan (approx. Rs. 592 cr) and Shimoga (approx. Rs. 38.91 cr) in Karnataka, Kannur in Kerala (approx. Rs. 1892 cr), Durgapur in West Bengal (approx. Rs. 670 cr), Dabra in Madhya Pradesh (approx. Rs. 200 cr), Pakyong in Sikkim (approx. Rs. 553.53 cr), Karaikal in Pudducherry (approx. Rs.170 cr), Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh (approx. Rs. 448 cr), Dholera in Gujarat (approx. Rs. 1712 cr) and Dagadarthi Mendal, Nellore Dist. (approx. Rs. 293 cr), Bhogapuram in Vizianagaram District near Visakhapatnam (approx. Rs. 2260 cr) and Oravakallu in Kurnool District (approx. Rs. 200 cr), Andhra Pradesh. As regards frequency of flights, the airlines are free to induct capacity with any aircraft type, free to select whatever markets and network they wish to serve and operate and are also free to operate anywhere in the country subject to compliance of Route Dispersal Guidelines issued by the Government. However, actual operations are always guided by commercial viability and company policy.<br/>;<br/>(c): GoI has established an independent regulatory authority, namely, Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) to regulate aeronautical tariffs. User Development Fees (UDF) is a revenue enhancing measure, which is levied by the airport operators to meet operational expenditure. <br/>;<br/>(d): AAI has leased out Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Mumbai to a joint venture company named Mumbai International Airport Ltd. (MIAL) on a long term lease basis through open competitive bidding process. The rights and obligation of MIAL are regulated under the provisions of Operations, Management, Development Agreement (OMDA) entered into between AAI and MIAL. There are several checks and balances under OMDA, viz. representation of AAI in MIAL Board, Independent engineer, institution of OIOC (OMDA Implementation Oversight Committee), etc. to monitor the performance of MIAL.<br/>;<br/>(e): A proposal to connect Nashik to other airports in Maharashtra has been received by one of the bidders during the first round of bidding under RCS-UDAN. AAI has already commenced technical scrutiny of the proposal.;<br/>;<br/>(f): Development and upgradation of airports is a continuous process which is undertaken by the concerned airport operator from time to time depending upon the land availability, grant of mandatory clearances, demand from airlines, passenger traffic forecast, technical feasiblity, commercial viability, etc. ;<br/><br/><br/>

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