ANSWERED ON   24.11.2016
Purchase of New Aircraft
1603 . Innocent Shri
Lakhanpal Shri Raghav
Biju Shri Parayamparanbil Kuttappan
Will the Minister of CIVIL AVIATION be pleased to state:-
(a) the total number of aircraft available in the country including the number of Boeing, Airbus and other small passenger aircraft available with the Government;<br/><br/>(b) whether Air India is operating through a self-owned fleet in the country and if so, the details thereof;<br/><br/>(c) whether outdated and old aircraft are still being used in the country and if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor along with the steps taken by the Government to purchase new aircraft; and<br/><br/>(d) whether Air India secured loans from institutions including banks for buying new passenger aircrafts, if so, the details of loans secured, institution/bank-wise and the total amount of interest paid on these loans for the last three years?<br/>
Minister of State in the Ministry of CIVIL AVIATION <br/><br/>(Shri Jayant Sinha)<br/><br/>(a) Presently there are 1632 nos. of aircraft registered in Civil Aircraft Registry. This includes the number of Boeing. Airbus and other small passenger aircraft.;<br/><br/>(b) List of Aircraft of Air India, including its subsidiaries are attached as Annexure ''A''.;<br/><br/>(c) Airlines are operating aircraft till its airworthy and safe for operation. The life of an aircraft normally termed as Design Economic Life/ Design Services of the aircraft increases substantially due to high maintenance. It is is reflected in type certification document issued by Aviation Regulatory Authority of State of design of aircraft of aircraft.;<br/>To operate the aircraft beyond its designed life, the aircraft are generally subjected to embodiment of modifications to enhance its structural strength and increase in frequency of inspections.;<br/>These inspections include Supplementary Structural Inspections (SSI),Corrosins Prevention and Control Program(CPCP). This also results in more grounding time of the aircraft and increase in operating cost.;<br/>;<br/>(d)Yes Madam, Air India Ltd has taken Aircraft Loans from various domestic as well as international banks and financial institutions such as EXIM bank, KFW Bank, ICICI Bank etc. Majority of these aircraft loans are wholly guaranteed by the Govt of India for the payment of the principal as well as interest thereon.The total bank/institution wise aircraft loans as on 31st March 2016 are given hereunder:;<br/><br/>Name of Bank/Institution Amount (Rs Crores)<br/>EDC Bank 25.30<br/>KFW Bank 3490.72<br/>ICICI Bank 5500.00<br/>Citibank 2518.51<br/>Standard Chartered Bank 2043.61<br/>JP Morgan Chase Bank 2976.49<br/> <br/>Total 16554.63;<br/>;<br/>Further, the total interest paid on Aircraft Loans during the last three years i.e 2013-14 to 2015-16 is Rs. 2907.20 crores.<br/><br/><br/>

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