Title: Need to introduce All India Judicial Services.


DR. UDIT RAJ (NORTH WEST DELHI): Nowhere in the world, Judges appoint Judges, except in India. The worst is happening where there are no defined parameters of merit to select the judges and appointments are made through nepotism, on caste basis and teacher disciple relation. A common man, cannot afford to knock the doors of High Courts and Supreme Court to seek justice as remuneration of effective and senior advocates runs into lakhs and crores. The PIL has caused more harm than good. Elite and favoured lawyers join hands with few private citizens to file PIL and get the law made for whole society without their opinion which is undemocratic. How can a few petitioners, lawyers and judges know the opinion of millions of people? What 545 Members of Lok Sabha cannot do, judges do in minutes. To strike balance between the legislature, executive and judiciary either NJAC be restored or All India Judicial Services be introduced.




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