Title: Need to take steps to de-silt Damodar Valley to control the flood.

*SHRIMATI APARUPA PODDAR (ARAMBAGH): Hon’ble Speaker Madam, it is a matter of pain and great shame that even after so many years of independence of the country, the birthplace of pioneer of Indian Renaissance, Raja Rammohan Roy i.e. Radhanagar, Khanakul and birthplace of Ramkrishna Paramhansa – Kamarpukur, Goghat and adjoining areas are reeling under severe flood situation.  People of the pilgrim spot Tarakeshwar are suffering like anything due to the flood.  Our Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is trying her best to support lakhs of marooned people.

          Rivers like Damodar, Mundeshwari, Dwarkeshwar, Rupnarayan are flowing through Arambagh.  Due to siltation, the river beds have risen, and the rivers are in spate. Local people are so annoyed with the Damodar Valley Corporation  that they call it Dobano Bhashano Corporation i.e. the corporation which causes flood.  As per planning, the dams should regulate 10 lac cusec water but that ‘s not happening.

          Due to siltation, the present condition of Durgapur barrage is critical.  To alleviate the situation the Ghatal Master Plan must be implemented immediately.  Moreover the dams should be desilted  as early as possible.

          I draw the kind attention of the Central Government to take all necessary steps to control flood situation so that the history of lower Damodar Valley is rewritten.  That new history will not mix with the tears of the flood affected people.  Rather the alluvial soil will usher in a wonderful future for the common man in the coming days.   Thank you.  





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