Title: Need to form a national level commission for the development of forward communities.

SHRI M.K. RAGHAVAN (KOZHIKODE): Madam Speaker, I would like to raise a very important public issue in this august House regarding the financially backward classes among the forward communities.

          Most of the welfare schemes announced by the Government relate to the upliftment and benefits to all the prevailing communities except the forward community.

          Madam, the Sinhu Commission was formed in 2006 for identifying the financially backward classes among the forward communities, which fall under the Below Poverty Line and to frame welfare schemes in terms of education, housing, healthcare through financial assistance and job creation.

          The Commission had recommended the formation of a national commission and a welfare corporation for forward communities and a permanent commission for forward communities at the national and State level. The recommendations were submitted to the Centre six years ago. Unfortunately, nothing has happened till now. 

          Madam Speaker, the Centre had formed a new National Commission for Backward Classes, which was the authority of hearing the complaints and grievances of socially and educationally backward classes. It has the powers of a civil court for this purpose. This is a welcome measure. The forward communities under BPL are also suffering with similar problems.

          Therefore, forming a national-level commission for the development of forward communities has become essential. It is, therefore, urged upon the Government to ensure that even the people belonging to forward castes under the below poverty strata need help from the Government. Therefore, the recommendations of the Sinhu Commission, including forming a National Forward Commission as well as Forward Corporation on the lines so formed by the Government of Kerala may be considered.… (Interruptions)

          The Government should take immediate initiative to constitute it for the upliftment of backward sections of Forward communities. This can also meet the end of social justice. … (Interruptions)

Thank you.



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